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Can I meet this month’s payroll?

How can I anticipate a cash shortfall and solve for it in advance?

Am I managing my inventory efficiently?

Small Business Owners confront these questions, and more, every day. In their world, cash IS king. Understanding their anticipated cash helps them manage their business more productively and profitably.

The Small Business Workbench's easy-to-use online and mobile cash forecasting and working-capital tool is designed especially for small businesses like yours. It enables you to understand and evaluate your expected future cash position, and to use that information to help make good business and financial decisions.

Forecast Cash Positions

At the heart of the Small Business Workbench is the Cash Forecast. Use the Setup Wizard to quickly and easily forecast projected cash positions as far into the future as you wish. You can plan for future events, such as payroll, taxes or capital purchases, and create action plans that minimize—or avert—potential problems. Most tools track what has already happened - the Cash Forecast projects what you expect to occur, giving you peace of mind that your company is positioned for financial success.

Apps Allow Greater Control over Business Operations

You can purchase apps in Small Business Workbench’s App Center that give you even greater control over your business and your cash position. Apps that focus on key categories include:


What’s more, every App you use feeds data directly into the Cash Forecast, making it more accurate.

Quick view of forecasted balances

Cash Forecast shown in date or graph views

Forecasted Transactions listed in detail

Peace of Mind

With the Small Business Workbench, you can use the Cash Forecast to avoid surprises and be prepared to optimize one of your most important assets—CASH. You can use Apps available from the App Center to improve management of your working capital and be sure that you maximize your relations with employees, customers and vendors. You’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

One-Stop Shopping

It doesn’t get more convenient and efficient than this. Multiple solutions to help you better manage your business can easily be purchased in one place—the App Center. No need to spend time shopping around at multiple locations to search for what you need. Your solutions are just a click away!

Apps Sync with Forecast

All of our Apps feed data back into the Cash Forecast, making your forecast more accurate and easier to maintain.


After answering a set of simple questions in the Setup Wizard, you can quickly begin using the Small Business Workbench. The Cash Forecast seamlessly synchronizes with online banking data and popular accounting packages you may already be using, which makes it even easier to keep your cash forecast current. The entire process is intuitive and easy to use.

Enjoy Online and Mobile Access

At the office or on the go, you and your colleagues can easily access the Small Business Workbench from your computers or mobile devices.


Because the Small Business Workbench is cloud based, your business will benefit from the latest technology resources and secure access whenever and wherever you want.

Security Safeguards

Your business information is solidly safeguarded with the highest-level standards of technology and encryption available today, protecting everything you’ve created.

Cash Forecast

Forecasting Transactions and Variance Video

Apps and Alerts Video

Apps Explained

 The Cash Forecast is the core of the Small Business Workbench, and you’ll quickly see the benefits of using the timely information it delivers to make better business decisions. The App Center builds upon that foundation, offering more solutions to help you better manage your business and your cash. Apps cover categories such as payables, receivables, managing inventory and payroll solutions. Because every App feeds data back into the Cash Forecast, your forecast is more accurate and easier to maintain.

Learn more about our Apps in the Featured Apps section below.

New and Updated Apps

The Small Business Workbench’s App Center is always improving and expanding—Apps are continually being updated and added to improve your experience.

Featured Apps




Our eInvoicing App improves cash flow, automates collections and reduces accounts receivable time and costs.

eInvoicing helps your small business quickly create and send invoices to clients. Once enrolled, you will be able to include a link for your invoice that will allow your clients to “pay now” using a credit card or ACH debit. All invoices can be managed from your App, which feeds into the Small Business Workbench and updates your cash forecast.

Pricing: $20.00 per month +$1.00 per payment. Find complete pricing information for the Small Business Workbench here >

Inventory Manager helps small businesses likes yours more efficiently track inventory balances and adjustments. Best of all, getting started is fast and easy, when you use our simple on-boarding wizard.

Once signed up, you can quickly upload inventory information from .CSV files, custom-define item categories for your business and set quantity alerts to help maintain optimal inventory levels. Adjusting inventory levels is just as efficient; you can edit multiple item quantities at once and track inventory adjustments associated with point of sale or mobile payment transactions.

Pricing: $8.00 per month. Find complete pricing information for the Small Business Workbench here >

Our Prepaid App scheduled for release in Fall 2014, allows merchants to provide a stored-value service to their customers.

In addition to enabling a convenient payment option, the Prepaid App lets small businesses create customer incentives that in turn can build loyalty and generate repeat business. The solution has nearly no up-front costs and does not require integration with a point of sale system. It also feeds data into the Small Business Workbench to update the Cash Forecast.

Pricing: $10.00 per month. Find complete pricing information for the Small Business Workbench here >